Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bee Log #79

Bees on Buckwheat Flowers

We have a new apiary (bee yard) on a farm near Carnation, Washington. The farmer was talking about maybe using buckwheat as a green manure (he plows it under before the seeds form). Now buckwheat honey is a very tasty treat and people have been asking for it. We were so interested in the chance to produce buckwheat honey that we bought the farmer 50 pounds of buckwheat seed to plant.

Yesterday, we were at the farm harvesting. We got about 70 pounds of lovely buckwheat honey. It will not be available for the Phinney Farmers' Market on Friday, August 24, because I still need to bottle it. The honey is sitting in large buckets on the kitchen table waiting for the jars that I bought this morning to get washed. Maybe we will have some at the Shoreline market on Saturday. Harvest time, busy time.


  1. I've never had buckwheat honey and can't wait to try it.

  2. Cute book I got from the library for our "larvae" to enjoy (hmmm... not sure the quartet would enjoy that label!).
    Do you put on display any eye-catching books at your farmers market stand? Would it be fun or just a nuisance to have some bee-related picture books alongside the honey?