Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bee Log #76

Honey colors

We will be at the Queen Anne Farmers' Market Thursday, July 19 from 3pm to 7pm. The picture above shows the range of colors in the honey that we harvest. In general, the lighter honey is harvested earlier in the summer and the darker honey at the end of August. We have some dark honey for sale(harvested last summer) and some light honey from this summer. Take your taste buds on an adventure-Come taste our honey


  1. Do you ever have bees visit your farmstand and try to collect honey from your samples?

  2. I've just blogged about our visit to your beehives! Thank you again!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I am sorry that I was not able to be there to meet you and your children.
    Pat (aka Mrs. Perkins)